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I love south park, shamam king, and cyborg 009. I also make my own picks, and for those who love mew, i have mew fusions. XD--:>

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All the artest people and there great art. XD gota love the art.
I still plan to finish "The Broken" by me and :icondraco-mcwherter:...

I am working on Chapter 8 and I am half way thou finishing the chapter, and I got the ok to finish it but I plan to send him the final half before posting it ^^;

Till next time~

Oh... P.S.~ I am pregnant and am currently over 7 weeks in... :D Besides throwing up at night and the slight pain its going great~
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Blu Doc try... htf base 31  by enyathehtf3 by kylemew24
Blu Doc try... htf base 31 by enyathehtf3
featuring :icondraco-mcwherter:

I tried in paint... but I messed up on the hair...

Quick update: I forgot to mention the base is a HTF base and originally belongs to :iconenyathehtf3:
~He let out a sigh of relief when she agreed to a test run and looked around for something close. the closest thing was a slightly charred rubber duck from the blast earlier. He leaned over and grabbed it up and held it in his hand. “This will be your target.” he stated as he sat it outside of the circle so their test run would not affect their main goal.

He thought for a moment, pondering the perfect practice spell. Something easy, but something that took focus as well. Once he settled on one, he looked at her. “It’ll be a simple levitation spell. It will show just how focused you can be and how steady.” he stated then looked at the duck. He took in a slow breath and didn’t blink. “You don’t have to speak it, but for beginners it helps trigger the spell. Once you learn how it feels, you’ll be able to pull it off without the trigger word.” he advised. “Wihsirm.“ he stated in a soft tone. His gaze was unwavering on the duck as he focused his own energies on the object as it slowly began to rise in the air. Slowly but steadily, it made it’s way over to blu, gently setting upon her head. Doc smiled and blinked, breaking contact with the duck and looked at her. “It won’t take much energy, so you won’t be tired after-wards. You try. Try moving the duck somewhere.” he requested and watched hopeful.


Blu watched and listened as he showed her how to perform the levitating spell. She took that moment when Doc spoke to her to let it sink in. “OK.” She stated as she gave a nod, quickly catching the rubber ducky before it fell to the floor. Pedran tilted his head as he stared at her from the floor.

“… Wihsirm…” she whispered as she focused on the little rubber duck. As she focused, the duck slowly began to float off her hand.

Doc gave a small smiled as he seemed relieved that she could perform the spell with no trouble. He watched as the rubber bath toy was slowly floating back to him. He looked back to Blu to find she was starting to struggle with the floating toy and his smile faded.

Blu felt her vision was starting to weaken as her body was struggling to stay awake.

Pedran gave a squeak in worry as he then bit her leg to gain her attention. “OW!” she immediately lost focus and the bath toy fell to the floor. She herself knelt down to the floor to grab where she was bitten and looked over at the small dragon “You know that hurt right?” she stated to him.

Seeing the ancient dragon biting her, Doc was quick to react “Blu!” he ran over to her “Are you hurt?” he gingerly reached out for her bitten leg. Blu lifted the pants leg to reveal no bight marks but a small red blemish. “I don’t think so…” she felt the mark “It just startled me more than I thought… I guess.” She looked at the dragon only for said dragon to nuzzle up to her arm. “Pedran must have had a good reason for doing that…” she stated.

“… But why?” Doc asked as he reaches out to Blu’s leg, just to make sure that she wasn’t really hurt. Upon contact with her leg he felt a weak flow of energy coming from her. “!… I think I know now…” He stated as he looked over to the white dragon “Your energy is dangerously low.” He looked over to Blu as she gave him her undivided attention. “If you had used any more of your energy you would have died. The medi-gun can’t heal low magic.”

He gave her a small smile “All I can tell you is that you will have to rest before casting any spells anytime soon.”

She was feeling a little tired… maybe Blu did use up to much energy that day. “… Sure. A nap sounds good right now.” She gave him a smile.

The medic placed an arm underneath her shoulder and helped her up to her feet “You can sleep here till you are feeling well again…”

“No, no…” she waved it off as she stood by herself “… I know I snore quite loudly and I would hate to keep you up.” She smiled “I think I will try to make it to my camper…”

When she stated that, Doc began to worry once more “No, you will sleep here. That way I can keep an eye on you…” He let that sink into his mind for a moment before adding quickly “… In case something goes wrong.” Trying not to blush in front of the female sniper.

Blu’s tired mind let it slide for now. She nodded her head as she let him guide her to one of the still up right medical beds. Once she was lying down, she let her eyes close and she drifted off to sleep. Pedran jumped up on the bed and nested next to her neck and head, now looking at the medic elf.

“*Why is it that you bit her? Couldn’t you just have told me instead…*” Doc stated to the dragon.

“*She was losing too much to fast… I had to act quickly.*” Pedran proclaimed as he stared the elf down.

Doc shook his head as he knelt down to pick up a fallen book “*Still, now we know her limits… I think.*” he stated more to himself than to the old dragon.
There was a knock at the entrance of his lab as scout opened the door “Are you in there Doc?”

The elf looked at the open door “Hm… Oh yes, I’m still here. Come in Scout.” He smiled, putting the books and papers that he had picked off the floor on to the oak desk.
The BLU Scout entered and looked around “Wow, old Murasmus did a number in here didn’t he?” he picked up a fallen chair and sat down.

“That he did…” Doc stopped to look around at his wrecked lab. “It’s going to take days to get this room in order again…” he sighed.

“Well, why not just use your magic to fix it?” Scout asked him as he looked at the elf pick up another paper.

“Using magic like that is irresponsible.” He stated.

“Well why can’t old Blu help ya… she can use magic right?” the scout stated questioningly.

“She is weak right now… If she even tries to preform even a small spell she could kill herself.” Doc stated as he knelt down to pick up a few more papers.

“So… she would just come back through the re-spawn.” The scout smiled, holding his arms in the air like it didn’t matter.

“…” he gave a sigh and set the papers he had picked up onto the desk. “Scout, do you believe in souls…” he turns to the scout.

“Uh… Is that a trick question?” Scout questioned.

“I mean the human spirit.” The medic started “Her spirit is almost drained from all the times I had to borrow her power and the few spells she cast herself. She needs to rest.”
The elf tried to explain to the scout.

The BLU scout was sitting there letting it all sink in… “… I think I know…” the scout walked over to Blu, now resting on a medic bed at the moment as he gently placed his hand over her cheek.

‘Scout is acting a little weird… not his usual hyper self…’ Doc thought to himself as Poe flew next to the elf medic with a pair of his old spectacles. The old pair of glasses had a simple spell, revealing red spies on rival teams… it was to keep him from healing enemy spies… he looked at his familiar before switching his spectacles. As he looked he gave a gasp… It was a RED spy in disguise.

The red spy was unusually dressed for the typical French man… he had on a pair of blue jean pants with the usual suit top. He wore a pair of sandals instead of the official shoes recommended for the spy class. The disguise mask hid most of his face but he seemed to be gentle rather than tactical… so unusual for a spy of the RED team… but it was when he glanced at Blu, Doc’s ears drooped…

She had faded scar marks across her arms and one extended along the side of her face. His glasses revealed what was hidden by magic, or in a spy’s case; his cloaking device. For a moment Doc had forgotten he had just discovered a spy standing not a few feet away from him. It took a shake of his head to bring him back to the moment at hand.
He quietly grabbed for his needle-gun.

“I wouldn’t if I where you…” the disguised spy stated in scouts voice. Doc stopped reaching for his gun. “I’m only here for a visit, I’m not going to hurt anyone…” he stated as he gently rubbed the back of his hand to her cheek. He then proceeded to move his hand to rub her belly in a calm loving gesture.

Doc didn’t know what to make of the spy’s actions. His ears perked up when he heard “I think I’ll return to my room now…” the scout stated as he turned to leave.

“Wait!” Dock stated as he watched the false scout heading for the door “… Why where you here in the first place?” the elf questioned him.

“…” the scout turned to him just as smoke revealed the RED spy’s true appearance. He indeed wore blue jeans and flip-flops… his face was now more noticeable, with stubble around the mouth and his grayish blue-eyes. “Just to check up on her...” he gave a smile before he vanished.

The medic didn’t know what to say or do about what had just happened… all he could do was take off his glasses and looked over at Blu after putting on his usual spectacles. The light scars on her face and arms where not there anymore. “… whoever did this to her must have used magic to hid the scars.” He had stated to himself as he walked over to her. Then something came to mind…

“Why isn’t she snoring as loud as she had before?!” he questioned the quietness around himself.

“*That is because I used a quieting spell… I know how sensitive your kind’s ears are to the loud noise.*” Pedran grinned at the elf medic.

“*Thou I am grateful for the quietness… I would like to keep the use of spells to a minimum…*” the BLU medic stated with a returning grin.

The dragon tilted his head to the side as if saying ‘are you sure?’ and then craned his head over to her throat as he released the spell, causing sound to admit from her. The sound was quite loud.

The poor medic had to cover his ears from being so close to the noise source.  “OK! OK! YOU HAVE MADE YOUR POINT!” Doc tried to yell over the loud sound towards the little dragon. Pedran smiled as he placed the spell back on Blu.

Once he was sure the sound was gone, Doc lifted his hands off his ears. “*I guess that spell will be ok while Blu sleeps indoors.*” he gave a sheepish grin. He returned to picking up papers that were scattered about in the room.


After some time Blu woke up and began to stretch her arms. Pedran, who was sleeping on top of her, fell to the side as she sat up. She looked down to the poor dragon and began to say she was sorry for disturbing him… “…” there was no sound coming from her throat and she began to panic.

Doc had left the medical bay to relieve himself just moments before. As he returned to his office area, he heard Padran give a squeak. ‘Oh, she must be awake.’ He thought as he entered the room only to find a panic stricken Blu. He quickly rushed to her side as he patted her shoulder…

“Blu! Blu! Its ok…” he patted her shoulder, gaining her undivided attention. “You just have a silent spell on you right now… Pedran can remove the spell.” He gave her a smile. After hearing the explanation Blu returned the elf’s gesture of kindness and began looking for the dragon… only to find that he had disappeared on them.

“Um, I’m sure he is around here somewhere…” Doc tried to state as he began looking around for the fluffy dragon, Blu joining in not long after…

They searched everywhere in the medical bay but found no trace of the dragon. The BLU sniper was beginning to get upset at the silent spell she was now cursed with.

“Hey now, it’s going to be ok…” Doc gave her a gentle pat on the back “We’ll find him…”

“Find Who?”  Came a voice from the entrance as there BLU scout entered the room “It’s
time for supper and I find you two in here talking… What’s wrong with her?” Leon asked.

“Oh, you know that pet dragon Blu has? Well, he put her under a silent spell and now she can’t speak… or make a sound in general.” Doc stated as he looked at the BLU sniper.

“Really…” Leon walked up to her. He looked her in the face before grabbing her breasts. In surprise she gave a silent gasp and punched him in the face. “OW! Ok, I believe you…” he stated grabbing the bruised spot. “Do you know how to remove the spell?” he asked the elf medic.

“I don’t know what spell he used and it will take forever to find the right spell to remove the current one.” He stated.

“… well, I might have an idea…” the scout smiled…


“A True Lovers Kiss?” asked the BLU Demoman as the entire team seated themselves in the cafeteria.  

“Yeah, my mom read all the stories to me when I was a kid, A True loves kiss will break any spell.” He smiled.

The remaining team looked at the scout and then to the medic who only shrugged his shoulders. They then look back to Leon. “Kid, what makes you think any of us can break the spell?” came the southern draw of the team’s engineer.

“Well, it has to be one of us~” Leon smiled

“Riiiiight, you just want to get a kiss from the lass.” The Demoman smirked as he upped his bottle of homemade whiskey.

“T-that’s not true!” the scout gave a blush.

Blu was sitting next to Doc in between Leon and the rest of the team. Doc looked over to Blu as she gave a silent sigh of sorrow.

“If we do this, who goes first?” asked the teams heavy.

They all began to think…
The Broken: Chapter 8
Ok, this is the beginning of me typing out the whole story now, it starts off with his last reply and now I have finished another chapter. I will post links up to it later....

Last Chapter:
Next Chapter:

Now what I need from you, my readers, is to tell me in the comments in what order that the 8 BLU members kiss her (tho Doc, the medic, is to be last.) please let me know how you would like to see it happen...

8:Doc (Medic)

Left: solder, demoman, heavy, scout, spy, pyro, engeneer...

~who will brake the spell?~

Edit: Now proof read~
I still plan to finish "The Broken" by me and :icondraco-mcwherter:...

I am working on Chapter 8 and I am half way thou finishing the chapter, and I got the ok to finish it but I plan to send him the final half before posting it ^^;

Till next time~

Oh... P.S.~ I am pregnant and am currently over 7 weeks in... :D Besides throwing up at night and the slight pain its going great~
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Blu watched as the elf was slowly falling asleep on her shoulder. she smiled as she began to think of an old song she remembered from home…

‘Our Hero, our Hero, claims a warrior’s heart
I tell you, I tell you, the Dragonborn comes
With a Voice wielding power of the ancient Nord arts
Believe, believe, the Dragonborn comes’

the music flowed in her mind as she remembered all the words…

‘it’s an end to the evil of all Skyrim’s foes
Beware, beware, the Dragonborn comes
For the darkness has passed, and the legend yet grows
You’ll know, you’ll know, the Dragonborn’s come’

she ran a hand thou his hair as she closed her own eyes, the music flowing freely…

'Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal…’

~He felt himself getting very heavy. He’d been pulling all nighters again, trying to further his research. Before he knew it he was now against something soft and drifting into darkness. His ears perking slightly to the sound of a distant voice, putting his spirit more at ease. He let himself fall into the dreamless sleep as a new sensation relaxed him further.
He smiled in his sleep, fully content with the help of his friend’s soothing fingers and song.
Zzz Reverse (dracomcwherter)
Same person, different story...
(continuing where we left off...)

“Yeah… I wonder how they will…” the lights that where on suddenly went out. “Oh… what happen?”

~He blinked in the darkness and got an ‘oh boy….’ expression on his face. “I don’t know, but why do I get the feeling we are about to find out….” he stated then held up his hand. An orb of white appeared in his hand and lit up the room around them. Poe let out a loud KAW and flew off quickly. He wondered what had freaked the bird out so much. It wasn’t until he looked over his shoulder to see a tall dark figure with glowing green eyes. Doc’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “AHHHH!” he yelped in shock and jumped back, falling off the bed in a heap in front of Blu. “Ow….” he muttered and pushed his hand back up the orb returning.

Blu knelt down beside Doc as the figure made his presents known. She kept Pedran close… not knowing what this being wanted. ‘Could he be here for Doc?’ She questioned herself. She wrapped her free arm around Doc’s shoulders in a protective manner…

~Doc pushed himself up with his free arm and looked at the tall figure. He seemed to be studying them for a moment the only eye in his skull hat wiggling as he looked the both of them over. “This is what they sent me here for?!” He motioned to the both of them as if they were objects and not living beings. “Two half pints and a midget lizard?” He stated to himself more than them. The mans eyes went back to normal and stopped flaming green. Doc was rather speechless at this. The man snapped his fingers and the lights returned allowing doc to stop using his own spell. “Uh…” he began as the man turned around to look at them. “Who sent you here?” The elf asked having an idea who but for certainty sake. “And why should I tell you!?” The man stated as he crossed his arms. “I’m just going to be killing you slowly….I just have to think of the best….” “The red team sent you.” “…yes the red team…….WAIT A MINUTE!” The man interjected. “How DARE you interrupt MURASMUS!” He yelled striking a dramatic pose, his eyes flowing green and the lights flickering.

Blu giggled when Murasmus stopped to tell them who sent him, then she huddled close to doc in fear from his outrage…

Pedran looked uninterested and gave a sneeze like puff.

~Doc wasn’t phased by his yelling. In fact he had encountered his antics indirectly through a rogue red pyro and the ducks he left behind.

“So…why is the great murasmus listening to mere mortals?” Doc asked referring to the red team. Murasmus looked at them and waved them off. “Its unimportant.” He stated and doc grinned. “You lost a bet….didn’t you.” He asked and murasmus’s eyes flared up green again. “How do you keep doing that? It matters not!” He stated and prepared his hands with a spell. “Now to turn you inside out and watch you die!” He threatened. “Before you do….Mr. murasmus sir….could I offer you perhaps oh I don’t know…..Ducks?” Doc asked his head tilting. “Bonus ducks?” Murasmus questioned.

Blu was a little confused at the back and forth banter. She figured her elf friend had this one…

~Doc stood up and reached over by the necromancer and grabbed his glasses, quickly putting them on. “Oh yes. A whole crate of them.” He told him with a smile and motioned with his hand behind his back for blu to stand with him. “Just right this way.” He said as he began walking to the main area of the lab and pointed to the crate they had been keeping the rubber ducks in before. While the wizard looked at them suspiciously, doc walked over to his desk. He pulled out the key for it and tosses it to him. “Go for it.” He told him. Murasmus took the key and went to the crate. Doc grabbed his pell book and quickly walked to Blu. “Run” he whispered as he pushes her towards the door. Poe was already way ahead of them towards the door. Doc opened the door just as murasmus opened the crate. “These aren’t bonus ducks! They are just normal rubber….HEY!” He yelled at them as doc pushed Blu out the door. “We can’t over exhaust your magic reserves. You’ve used so much already.” He told her as they ran down the halls. An explosion was heard behind them as the wizard blasted through the lab doors. Doc slammed the spine corner of the book in the alarm and causes the whole base to set off the emergency alarm. “Keep running!” He called to them.

She ran as fast as she could while carrying Pedran. She didn’t want to look back as she alarm blared. She heard the sound of Murmasmus behind them as she tried to keep close to Doc… she saw a blast of green nearly hit her head but it was a blast that hit her leg sending her into the floor. she twisted herself so as to not hurt her familiar.

~Doc dodged the blasts that Murasmus threw at them. They were doing pretty good until he saw out of the corner of his eye, Blu falling forward. He skid to a stop. He ran back to her and got in front of her, his ear cuff sparking as he put up a shield to protect them from the next blast. He winced and looked back “You ok?” he asked her hoping she could get back up and keep running till they got back-up or at least in a situation where they can come up with a plan of action besides running.

She slid herself to the wall to prop herself up… when she looked at her leg it was severely burned on her calf and baring any pressure on to sent a searing pain thou it. “He got my leg good…” she gave a hiss as she lifted her injured leg up. Pedran gave a hiss and a squeak at the wizard attacking them.

~Doc disnt quite know what to do except keep his shield up. He wasn’t good at offensive magic and melee fighting was useless against an opponent that could send a spell your way at any moment. Murasmus was almost on top of them when something exploded on him. Murasmus let out a pained yell and turned around to see who had dares attack him. It was demoman, smiling at the new challenge and readying another pill. Soldier and scout were right behind him. Doc smiled when he saw that their back up had arrived.

Blu hobbled over to Doc and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Its a good thing we are at the base this time.” She smiled.

~He smiled when he felt her hand on his shoulder. “This is very true. We can fend him off as a team now. Want to try your hand at a spell? I’ll help you.” He stated as he opened his book and flipped to a purification spell. He stepped to the side so that he and blu were side by side. “Brace yourself on me. I’ll be your support.” He told her as he placed his hand on the back of hers and rose them both to where it was pointed at the wizard. “We’ll read it together.” He said sliding one foot behind them both making sure that he had a good stance. This spell had quite the kick. He held the book so they both could see the spell. “Ready when you are.” He told her as scout distracted murasmus with his bat while soldier And demo rained destruction upon him. The wizard was using quick heal spells and sending his own spells at their team temporarily forgetting about the two “half pints” that he had previously been chasing.

she followed his instructions and gave him a nod as she read with him the spell… Pedran wiggled easily out of Blu’s hands as he ran behind them down the hall.

~Pedran grew in size and readied his wings for their impact. He shifted form to make himself even fluffier than before just in time to see the spell spring forth. Just as expected the kick was massive. Even with the bracing doc wasn’t able to keep them standing. The spell hit both soldier and murasmus straight on. Murasmus yelled as it struck him, his own dark magic beginning to rip into him. “Rawwwwww! You’ve not seen the last of me! I’ll retreat now but ill heal with healing magic and will be back for you!” He yelled and shook his fist. He opened up a portal and jumped in leaving soldier standing there wondering what just happened, the spell not having any effect on him outside of bright lights.

Blu could feel the burn on her leg intensify as she used the spell along side Doc. When she thought she was going to hit something hard, she found herself and Doc knock into something fluffy. She looked up to find Pedran. “Oh… Wow, thanks…” she watched the last of the wizard leave the base while the blu soldier stood there. Blu pushed herself up “Are you ok Doc?” she asked the elf… while listening to the elf’s reply, she went to stand only for the pain in her leg to almost become unbearable. she fell back down clutching her hurt leg.

~Doc rubbed his head then smiled at the dragon nodding his thanks. Soldier, Demo, and Scout all rushes over to see if their team mates were alright but were hesitant to get too close because of the large dragon behind them. “What in Sam hill is going in here? Why were we attacked by some woman in a bathrobe?” Soldier blurted out. Doc didn’t pay attention but had his sights set on Blus leg. “Hold still. This I can handle.” He stated and gave her a reassuring smile. He shifted close so that he could put both his hands over her wound. “What are ya doin doc?! We need to get to the…” scout stopped when the docs hands began to glow with silver light. He knew he wouldn’t be able to heal it all the way but it would be enough to where she could walk again to get to the medigun. “I’ll be a bloody…….you both can throw about magics…is that why the bloody loon attacked us?” Demo asked. Doc looked up with a weak smile. “We may…..or may not have scared the reds to the point of screaming school children…besides. with other magic users about it was only a matter of time before that guy bothered us” he stated. “Wait!” Soldier began stepping up his helmet bouncing a bit. “That was a man?!”

Blu smiled as Pedran nuzzled her. She giggled at the soldiers remark…

~When he finished healing as much as he could, he let out a sigh and sat back. “Can you stand?” he asked her. Like he thought, he wasn’t able to heal her fully, he’d have to finish the job with one of his healing guns….if they hadn’t been blown up by the crazy old wizard, that is. Scout and Demoman were examining Pedran with great curiosity. It was scout that spoke up first. “Hey, yo! How long have we have this living at the base? I’ve never seen it before…which is kind of hard seeing as how big it is.” he stated as he stepped back for a better look. Soldier offered a hand to Blu seeing as how she was still injured. Demo didn’t quite know how to take the situation. He didn’t trust magic too much, after all, it cost him his eye. Who could blame him.

Pedran gave a light snort as he changed back to is smaller form. He ran up Blu’s good leg and nested on her shoulders. Blu took soldier’s hand to get up and patted Pedran on the head once he was settled. “He can change size and shape at will…” Blu smiled.

~Scout looked highly curious at this statement and seeing him shrink just like that made an excited expression come over his face. Demo walked up and gave them both a worried expression. “So how long have you two been doing magic? Its dangerous and now we have a crazy wizard who can control the fabric of reality and the dead after us.” He said almost scoldingly. Doc looked up at him apologetically. “Blus only done so tonight. I’ve always done it.” He told him “so you can control the fabric. Of space too?” He asked and docs ears lowered. “Not exactly. I’m a healer through and through…. healing spells protection spells illusions and purification is the extent that I can do….plus my magic is limited.” He explained and demo rubbed the bridge of his nose. “And you? What are your specialties outside of having a shape shifting pet?” Demo asked blu.

“Um… I just found out about my abilities.” She stated “I don’t know my extent but I don’t think I will overdo it… I have had enough to deal with for a life time of injuries…” she pet her dragon.

~They looked at each other then Demo sighed. “Just be careful. And you.” he started turning his attention at Doc. “Do we need to get an alarm system set up closer to the lab?” he stated as he pointed to where the wizard had been. Doc smiled a bit and nodded. “Might be best.” he stated

the little dragon gave off cute little squeaks as Blu nodded.  

~Doc sighed a bit and dreaded to see what his lab looked like after that explosion. He looked over to Blu and Pedran. “Should we head back so I can fix your leg then call it a night?” he asked her He wasn’t sure just how much more excitement he could take in one day. They had had their battle already and he was ready for another nap.

“Sure thing Doc.” She smiled as she hoveled beside the elf. She hoped they didn’t run into that wizard again. She was quite tired herself and was looking forward to a little rest herself…

~When they made it to the lab, the doors were wrecked, one only hanging by one hinge. He sighed and hoped that the rest of it wasn’t like that. He peeked in and looked around. The rubber ducks looked as if the whole crate had just been tipped over in a rage, scattered along the floor. The actual explosion to his relief seemed to just be the general vicinity of the door. He’d have to get a new tool table, but that was about all. He helped Blu through the rubble that was the entrance then went for his medigun. “This should fix ya up the rest of the way.” he stated with a small smile as he pushed forward the lever, letting the blue aura do it’s work.

She nodded as she let the doc do his work. As she was healing she had a slight nausea feeling… but she let it go at the moment ‘I’m just tired… after all, I did use a lot of magic at once.’ She thought. Once the healing was done she looked to him “so, about the necklace and ear ring?”

~He smiled when she was fully healed and pulled back the lever, cutting off the machine. He thought a bit and nodded “yes…we should probably work on that soon.” He stated. “Have you ear rings already?” He asked trying to see her ears past her hair. He’d not paid attention enough to see if she had or not.

“I no longer ware ear rings, but the holes are still there.” She smiled as she revealed her left ear. “The hole is just covered over. All you have to do is push a needle thou and my ear will be ready.” She gave him a grin.

~He smiled and nodded. “Then let’s get to work. I’ll have to make you a new one.” he told her holding the book close, his thumb going to his mouth, the nail getting caught between his teeth. He began to think as he walked to his desk, setting the tome on the top of it. “Are you allergic to any metals in particular?” he asked he, turning to look at her over his shoulder.

“None that I know of…” she stated as she sat down.

~He nodded then pondered more. The only thing that he could think of to making this ring was out of a bent syringe needle. He went to his supply cabinet and looked through the different syringes that he was given and picked out one of the larger and longer ones. He though it was safe to say that he didn’t think any one of his patients wanted this to be used on them and he didn’t see any use for it outside of a couple of cased….which were slim to none. Taking the needle off he went to find something round. It didn’t take him long but he finished the makeshift ear ring. Walking over to her he grinned. “Alright we are just going to use this.” He stated as he cleaned the metal and handed her an alcohol swab to clean her ear with.

she smiled as she swabbed her left ear lobe. “So… how will this work?” she asked curiously “The spell I mean, Will we hear the others thoughts? and to what extent?”  

~He smiled as he readied the ear ring and handed it to her. “Hold this…..and as far as the spell….” he thought for a moment. “Both of us will feel an intense headache for a short amount of time. Almost like a large jolt. At first…..from my understanding of this spell, until we learn to control it, we will hear each others thoughts….all of them. So if we think something embarrassing and such….the other will know.” he stated as he rubbed the back of his neck. “As the bond grows then so does the control. We’ll be able to shut the communication off without taking the items off…..which only you have that option.” he told her and referred to the book. “Says here if the host….which is me….takes the key item off, there might be dire consequences for the barer.” he read aloud and looked to her. “This is just an option. If you have second thoughts on this, its not too late to back out. But once the spell begins….there’s no going back.” he warned her.

she gave it some thought…

“What if… I was the spell barer?” she asked “I mean, you have to take the necklace of at sometime but an ear ring can stay in for a long time.”

~He thought about this and looked back at the book. “I would have to teach you the spell. The barer is the one who casts the spell itself. You have the energy yes….but today is your….well I’m considering it first day of magic use.” he stated then looked at her worried. Many a thing could go wrong and he would be responsible if the spell went wrong. He remained silent as he thought, his ears lowering slightly. “I can help you where I can with the spell, but do you think you would be up for this large challenge?” he asked her, the concern in his voice very clear.

“I’m sure…” she smiled nodding her head.

~He nodded and sat the book on the floor. “Then lets get started.” he stated with a smile then quickly walked to his desk. He opened a half opened drawer and dug around the contents. That explosion from before had caused quite the stir and jumbled up his normally organized chaos….which was now just pure chaos. When he found what he was looking for he smiled and held it up. It was a simple piece of chalk, but for their purposes, it was one of the important items that this spell needed.

“Alright.” he began as he quickly returned to her. “You will need this, and you’ll have to be the one to draw the circle…..” he stated as he grabbed the book and turned the page to what looked like an alchemists circle. He indicated to the image in the book and then began looking around the lab for the best place to draw. He sat the book down in front of her for her to study while he began moving disheveled lab furniture around the room, closer to the walls. He was now thankful that the floors were concrete for the sake of easy clean up.

“We can draw it here. We need it large enough for the both of us to fit in with about three feet of space between us.” he stated hoping that this all will go well. He pulled the necklace out from his pocket and looked at it then at her. He took in a deep nervous sigh then let it out slowly. “Are we ready to begin?” he asked her wondering if they should attempt this so soon after she was healed and so soon after they had used so much magic in such a short amount of time.

She nodded as she followed his instructions. When she had the circle done and finished she looked at Doc “Ok, I believe we are ready.” she smiled just tell me what to do.”

~He stepped into the circle and began sitting down cross legged. He sat the necklace down in the center of the circle then looked to her. “Sit down across from me and place your ear ring next to the necklace. When it comes time to do the chant, you will have to focus your magics on the ear ring first and then on the necklace.” he stated then looked to the book, dragging it to his lap. “Since you can’t read draconic on your own, I’ll have to tell you the spell and you’ll have to repeat after me while focusing…..” he stated and bit his thumb nail, wondering if they should do a simple spell before they attempt such a difficult one. At least to make sure she can focus and push her magic energy where she needs it to go. “Lets…..practice on something small first….” he stated as he looked up at her. “I need to know for sure you can use your energy enough to enchant something like this……If you aren’t ready for it……then I’ll have to be the barer……” he stated and looked down at the book. “…..If the spell backfires I don’t want it to destroy your mind.” he admitted his fear.

“I’m willing to take that risk…” she stated, but she understood the risk too “Ok, we can do a test run…” she smiled at him.

~he let out a sigh of relief when she agreed to a test run and looked around for something close. the closest thing was a slightly charred rubber duck from the blast earlier. He leaned over and grabbed it up and held it in his hand. “This will be your target.” he stated as he sat it outside of the circle so their test run would not affect their main goal.

He thought for a moment, pondering the perfect practice spell. Something easy, but something that took focus as well. Once he settled on one, he looked at her. “It’ll be a simple levitation spell. It will show just how focused you can be and how steady.” he stated then looked at the duck. He took in a slow breath and didn’t blink. “You don’t have to speak it, but for beginners it helps trigger the spell. Once you learn how it feels, you’ll be able to pull it off without the trigger word.” he advised. “Wihsirm.“ he stated in a soft tone. His gaze was unwavering on the duck as he focused his own energies on the object as it slowly began to rise in the air. Slowly but steadily, it made it’s way over to blu, gently setting upon her head. Doc smiled and blinked, breaking contact with the duck and looked at her. “It won’t take much energy, so you won’t be tired afterwards. You try. Try moving the duck somewhere.” he requested and watched hopeful.
The Broken (RP) Chapter 7
This is the rp I had started with :icondraco-mcwherter: that I had on Tumblr.

All his parts are started with "~" so that you know which ones are his.

and that is that, from here on out it is mostly done by me~…

chapter 1 [… ]

chapter 2 [… ]
chapter 3 [… ]
chapter 4 [… ]
chapter 5 [… ]
chapter 6 […



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